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Chris Freeman, MAcOM, Dipl. OM, LAc

Co- Owner, Acupuncturist,

Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialist

Working in the garden with my family sparked my lifelong interest in plants and their benefits to humankind. I studied Medical Ethnobotany at Connecticut College, and followed up with a degree in Sustainable Food and Farming from the University of Montana. Subsequent years found me working on and eventually running my own small organic vegetable and herb farms, running a number of sustainable landscaping outfits, and spending as much time as possible learning more about plants and herbal medicine.


In 2017, I made the leap into Chinese Medicine to further pursue my love of herbal medicine. I studied at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, where I met Elizabeth. OCOM broadened my interests and skills to include acupuncture, cupping, bodywork, and gua sha. I practice TuiNa Massage, a form of Chinese Bodywork, that focuses on deep tissue manipulations combined with specific stretches to realign the body and energy systems. I have also deepened my knowledge of Herbal Medicine through the ancient and profound Chinese system. I tend to stick to simple, classical formulas that have millennia of use and experience behind them. Couple this with constant review of current research, and herbal therapies can be quite effective in resolving some longstanding problems.


I foster a compassionate and caring atmosphere in my treatment sessions, combining a number of different modalities to achieve the most complete treatment for my patients. Sessions are based off a thorough intake and diagnosis, followed by acupuncture. I often couple this with traditional techniques such as gua sha and cupping, and modern techniques such as electro-stimulation of acupuncture points. Almost every session includes some bodywork, to integrate the treatment. Also, if interested and applicable, I will furnish a custom blended herbal prescription based on the patient's pattern and presentation.


Feel free to chat with me about anything, as I maintain a very open mind and love learning about people and their experiences. I enjoy sharing my stories as well, including tales of backcountry exploration, music events, skiing, gardening, and more. I am committed to your care as an entire being, and all aspects of your lived experience matter to me.


I’m thrilled to become a part of Orthopedic Alternatives and can’t wait to meet you all! Here’s to walking the path to wellness together!


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